Barwani Grotto declared as a pilgrim centre of west Nimar by Bishop Leo Cornelio SVD mainly because Barwani is the cradle of

the west Nimar Catholic community. Feast is celebrated on 21st

November every year.

Kanja Beda is a grotto situated on a hillock at the outskirts of Aulia village. The construction work of Kanjabeda was started by Bro.Clement CMSF in 1902 and we have not yet received or found out the exact date of its erection. Here in this place, Franciscan Brothers were staying and serving the people around the villages. Once due to an outbreak of plague, many villagers suffered and died. The Brothers worked hard to alleviate the sufferings and struggles of the people without looking at the caste, creed or religion and prayed to Blessed Mother Mary at Kanja Beda. Rev. Fr. Nicholas Jez SVD further developed it. After scrutinizing the merit of the request of Aulia Parish Priest Fr. Sakhayiadas SAC and parishioners, Bishop A.A.S. Durairaj SVD declared Kanja Beda as a diocesan pilgrim centre. Feast is celebrated every year on 11th February, Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Mariam Bella is situated in the parish of Deoli. The shrine was started by Fr. William Knopp SVD. Initially, he was not well ac-cepted by the Korkus at Deoli as he had come from Sirpur. He used to go to the thick forest to pray and he made a wooden cross and spent hours in prayer and meditation at the site of this shrine on hillock. Slowly the people started accepting him as their priest. Later the parishioners built the shrine at the ‘balla’ which means hillock. Devotees celebrate the feast on 15th September every year starting with the procession from the substation of Deoli parish Dongalia village.

Sirpur is famous for the feast of Our Lady with special veneration at the grotto. During the initial years of the Nimar mission a dev-astating plague swept the countryside .The missionaries made a promise to the Blessed Mother that if the mission would be spared from this menace they would build a shrine in her honour. Accord-ingly the shrine was built and devotees flock to the shrine on 2nd
February every year.