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Rev. John Vazapally passed away on January 10,2016 (Obituary)

 AN APOSTLE OF EVANGELIZATION – REV. FR. JOHN VAZHAPPILLY   A veteran soldier of the Lord, with impeccable integrity and authenticity, Fr. John Vazhappilly , a daring missionary, in the soil of Nimar, which he loved dearly, bid farewell on 10th January 2016 at 7.30 pm. The sudden demise of Fr. John Vazhappilly, whose insatiable thirst for spreading the Gospel and its values, saddens Khandwa Diocesan family very deeply. Fr. John Vazhappilly’s departure was so unexpected that we all are

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Blessed Teresa of calcutta to be made a Saint

(Vatican Radio) Blessed Teresa of Calcutta is to be made a Saint. Pope Francis on Thursday authorized the congrigation for the causes of Saints to promulgate a decree regarding a miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed Teresa ( nee Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu) Blessed Teresa, known around the world as Mother, Teresa was born August26, 1910 and died September 5, 1997. She was foundress of the congregation of the Missionaries of Charity. pope's approval for these decrees came during a privat

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Bishop's message on Year of Mercy

Dear Fathers, Brothers, and Sisters, Holy Father Pope Francis has promulgated the Apostolic Bull, “The Face of Mercy” (Misericordiae Vultus) as an indication to the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. Indeed, our Lord Jesus ChrististheperfectmodelofGod’smercy. During the forthcoming Christmas Season, we will celebrate the birth of Jesus that manifests fully the mercy,loveandtendernessofGod. The HolyYear of Mercy beginning in the Advent season and proceeding through Christmas season w

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“Enlightened by the Word and guided by the Holy Spirit, we priests, religious and laity are commit-ted to our pastoral responsibilities of witnessing Christ in unity, empowering the laity and serving the underprivileged, and thus building up true evangelizers of faithful Christian Communities”.

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