The Catholic Diocese of Khandwa:
Empowered by the Holy Spirit and under the leadership of our Lord Jesus Christ, our mission as the Diocese of Khandwa is to provide direction and support to every member in witnessing to the world of God's love in the living Christ; so that we are called to live out our witness in our workplaces, churches and communities.
The Beginnings...
Church in Nimar region began with the coming of the missionaries of St. Francis De Sales to Asirgarh Fort. To take care of the needs of the faithful Rev. Fr. Amadeys Delalex, one of the French MSFS stationed at Jabalpur, then under the jurisdiction of Vishagapatanam, used to visit Khandwa from 1866.
Vision Statement
 "As a pilgrim people, in the Light of the word, guided and renewed by the spirit in the love and compassion, We priest, religious and laity move forward with deep commitment to our pastoral responsibilities, witnessingChrist, liberating the under privilaged, empowering the laity, and thusbuilding up strong local Christian communities of faith and together become true evangelizers".
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